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Chasing the Storm by Jasman Mander

Timeless Comic Con Costumes

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Comic Con costumes are so cool, and HOT baby mmmm

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My Australian Shepherd cutie, Cody :-)

I’m so sad about Leda’s departure from the internet. Her videos always made me happy when I was sad, she was an inspiration to me. I’ve loved her for so long, she was like a friend. It’s weird to think ill never see a new video or new hair colour or tweet or picture or anything. I’m gonna miss her with all my heart, my favourite youtuber and inspiration. I hope you have a wonderful life LedaMonsterBunny. You’ll be missed, it’s sad I never got to meet you. Your goodbye video brought me to tears. It’s been an amazing few years of you sharing your life with the internet, I hope your next chapter makes you even happier. Don’t forget to smile, always